Song Of The Week

Music delivery.  Ministry Development.

Every day Christian radio stations deliver great songs that inspire millions of listeners.  Songs that bring hope and change lives.  But...

Without the generous support of those who listen, most Christian radio stations cannot continue to operate!

Song Of The Week is designed to serve Christian radio AND the artists,  labels, and publishers who invest their time and resources to produce those life-changing songs.

We deliver a top new song from the artists and labels you know each week to listeners who support Christian radio through scheduled monthly donations.   

Everyone benefits from Song of the Week!


  1. S.O.W. provides a weekly email contact with your best donors
  2. S.O.W. provides 52 'thank you's' each year for those donors
  3. S.O.W. generates on-air interest and audience participation
  4. S.O.W. costs are determined solely by donor participation                                             


  1. S.O.W. provides airplay and featured premium on-ari promotion
  2. S.O.W. provides an unexpected royalty stream
  3. S.O.W. provides an outlet for one more great, undiscovered song

Donors:  A great song can change a life...


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